Share Memories of Stu

Eventually, we would like to compile your shared memories – photos, videos, written words  – into a short biographic film for Stu’s family. And please, do not hold back any humorous anecdotes you may have of Stu. After all, if there is any one lesson that Stu has left us all it is that life should never be taken too seriously!

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16 Responses to Share Memories of Stu

  1. Sandra Goodwin says:

    My husband and I are sending our thoughts and prayers for the family! Words are never enough. If you need anything let us know and we will help where ever we can! 719-580- 5222. Condolences, Sandra and Thomas Goodwin

  2. Fonda Cox says:

    I did not know Stu well, however the night before his accident we shared a few laughs together as he, Jack, and Charlotte stood behind us in line for the haunted house in the nursing department. He was trying to assure some teens ahead of him that the haunted house was not that scary, as they were wincing in fear. Charlotte held tightly to his leg and said that she too, was afraid to go in. Jack stated that he was going to be brave! The news of his passing seemed unreal as I had just seen him and the children the night before…. and my heart broke as I remembered Charlotte holding tight and Jack boasting about his bravery. The love that everyone has for Stu and the Hilwig family proves just goes to show how much he has touched the lives of colleagues and his students. God bless his family, and I will do all that I can to help them in any way possible.

  3. Denise says:

    I had Dr. Hilwig several semesters ago in Chicano History and currently I was enrolled in the history of Mexico online. Dr. Hilwig always made learning interesting and gave great feed back and always, always had something funny to say. Additionally I have Dr.Stephanie Hilwig this semester and am grieving for her now as her lectures always include great stories about her husband Stu. My grandaughter attends Gingerbread house w/Charlie this year, and last year with Jack and they are both such great kids and the entire family has been such a intregal part of the Adams State community! Dr.Stuart Hilwig will surely be missed in the history department, his love of European history and his zeal for teaching will be irreplacable.

  4. Frank Byrne says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Stu in grad school at Ohio State. From time to time our paths crossed and Stu never failed to share an interesting story, some historical tidbit, or, more likely, a funny theory. While we were not especially close he had the rare ability to make everyone seem like a boon companion. His wife and children are in my thoughts and prayers. Clearly he will be missed by many.

  5. Eileen and John Tilton says:

    I’ve had the delight of working with Stu and Stephanie for the last 5 years. Stu and I would make comparisons of his scars with my husband’s scars. They had plenty of roadblocks to compare. Stu’s attitude was uplifting during a crisis which helped me cope with many things. I enjoyed listening to his travels overseas and how cultures were so different. Stephanie, Jack, Charlie – you are in my prayers and thoughts as is all the family members. Stu will be greatly missed.

  6. Tony Bates says:

    A lot of his fraternity brothers called him Woody and I often called him Woodwork whenever he made a random comment regarding something we were talking about several topics prior. Stu and I made the trip between Vanderbilt and PA a few times together. That 12-hour drive was completely painless because of our funny conversations and how he would think about something 20-minutes after it was relevant any longer. He is still the funniest person I’ve ever met. I took Woody fishing with my dad and some old neighborhood friends out in the Delaware Bay off of Cape May, NJ. He effortlessly conversed with everyone and had them at ease and laughing within minutes of getting on the boat. Mixing of social classes and intellects came naturally to him and I’ve witnessed his dexterity and kindness, and his interest, in dealing with all kinds of people. Stu was authentic and that’s why we immediately became friends after meeting in college. On the fishing trip, my dad let Woody use his favorite fishing rod and showed him how to let out slack…slowly. Woody kept going too fast and getting the line tangled in the reel. It was hilarious each of the half dozen times it happened and he took our obnoxious teasing in good humor. My dad would playfully cuss him out (that’s how I knew he liked Stu) each time as he fixed the “bird’s nest” for him and in the middle of being harassed, Woodwork would yell some Italian or Spanish gibberish loudly and wave his hands around and everyone would crack-up…even my dad. None of those Philly friends, nor my dad, ever asked me about Stu Hilwig. However, every time I saw them on trips back to Philly, and to this day when I return, they always ask me about Woody.
    He met them once. Incredible.

  7. Jennifer Serak says:

    Dr. Hilwig was my my professor at Adams for 5 years. He was truly an inspiration. It’s kind of funny because just two weeks ago I was thinking about him as I booked my Christmas vacation for Germany. I was remembering the classes I took with him, and deciding where I wanted to go. I also remember his description of being in Berlin as an exchange student while the wall was still up, and then going back later after it had been torn down. The passion he possessed for work will live on. Thank you, Dr. Hilwig.

  8. Jennifer Signs says:

    I had Dr. Hilwig my freshman year in college. His class was so much fun and he had a glowing personality that was truly contagious. I too got to share my scar stories with him and a couple of laughs. My thoughts and prayers go out to the his family and his friends. May God bless you in your time of sorrow.

  9. Matt Basinger says:

    I took Development of Civilization with Dr. Stu Hilwig my first semester at ASU. My fondest memory is when we were studying the spread of Islam. Dr. Hilwig was talking about the Muslim confession of faith that Allah is god and Muhammad is his prophet. He told the class that he wanted everyone to say it because he was trying to convert us to Islam. He said come on everyone I am trying to convert you all. I thought that was so funny. He also told our class that just as every good Muslim makes a trip to Mecca that everyone needs to make a trip to Italy. I really enjoyed having him as a professor and my thoughts go out to his family.

  10. Kathrin Fahlenbrach, Martin Klimke, Joachim Scharloth, and Rolf Werenskjold says:

    We are deeply saddened by this news and extend our heartfelt condolences to Stuart’s family. Stu was a wonderful colleague and dear friend to us. He was most generous with his research and support of young scholars and many members of our research network benefited greatly from his knowledge and expertise. Above all, it was an enormous joy to be around Stu and we spent many a wonderful evening together at various conferences in Europe, immensely appreciating his company, his wit, and love for history. Most memorably was our shared experience of Western Norway in late November 2008, where we came together for a conference, to enjoy the beauty of the Norwegian winter, and to celebrate a traditional dinner of “Lutefisk”. He will be greatly missed.

 Kathrin Fahlenbrach, Martin Klimke, Joachim Scharloth, Rolf Werenskjold (
International Center for Protest Research, ICP)

  11. Matthew Roberts says:

    Adams State University, Alamosa, and most importantly his family lost a wonderful teacher, man, husband, and father today. Dr. Stuart J. Hilwig was loved by all his students, he had a wonderful sense of humor, a great laugh, and could make any day better. I always looked forward to going to his classes because he was such a wonderful teacher and because he had a way of making his students feel special and enjoy the time they spent with him. Everyone who know him lost a piece of themselves when he died. I will miss my friend greatly!! R.I.P Dr. Hilwig I hope to see you again in Heaven!

  12. Jeremy Brunette says:

    Dr Hilwig was a great professor and person. He truly loved his family. He spoke of them fondly in class, and he and I often compared notes on raising our kids. I didn’t see Stu together with Stephanie very often, but when I did it was alway so obvious how proud that he was to be by her side. He held his head a little higher and seemed to give on an air as if he was with his queen. My last memory of Stu was he and Stephanie passing by in the hallway of McDaniel Hall the friday before the accident. I think I commnented to somebody at the time on how proud he seemed. I pray that Jack and Charlie will always remeber how much they were loved.

  13. Kat Olance says:

    Thank you Stu for bringing such joy, happiness and life to our world! I will miss your smile!

  14. Sherline Duncan says:

    Dr. Hilwig was truly inspiring. He always came to class with a smile on his face.”Put a little bit of you in the paper,” he once said. Eventually, I got it and it stuck with me ever since.My prayers and thoughts go out to his family. R.I.P Dr. Hilwig.

  15. Michael Berkowitz says:

    I met Stuart when he was one of my teaching assistants at Ohio State. He was a pleasure to work with and a fabulous teacher from the very beginning. It was wonderful seeing him in April 2008 when he stopped by to visit. What a sweet and generous guy.

  16. gmalone says:

    Michael and I think of Stu daily. He and Michael were very close friends. When Stu had follow up appointments with his cardioligist in Denverr, Michael would go with him. They used to get a hotel along the light rail line in Denver so they could hop on and ride downtown to one of Stu’s favorite Italian restraunts where there were happy hour prices on nice wine and delicious food. Stu was able to practice his Italian there. They spent hours talking, talking…

    During the 2012 presidential debates, Sut would come over to our house and watch it with us. He always brought something from cheese and crackers to a jar of olives he found in the discount bin at City Market.

    Stu was a guy who loved life and the people in his life. We love you Stu.

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